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gum For My Boat

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Gum For My Boat is a story of hope focusing on the Bangladesh Surf Club and its members. The club consists of more than 70 boys and girls and is helping to introduce surfing into a culture in a very unconventional method. Many of the children are street kids or come from very poor families. Some don't even know how to swim, but their love for surfing brings them together and into a way of life they never even knew existed. An ocean that was once deemed off limits due to fear and a very conservative Islamic culture, is now becoming source of fun, escape and even a chance for a way to make a living. Winner of best short film at the California Surf Festival.

Sudan The Hidden Holocaust – Trailer

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Since 1955 the Muslim Arab North has been attacking the Christian Black South, but today war efforts are intensified with a renewed, systematic, terror bombing campaign to civilian centers -- hospitals, school and chu...

UNHOLY WAR ▶️ Christian genocide in Sudan by extremist Muslims dumbfounded by SHINING ANGELS!! 📽

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A Heartfelt account from a missionary's perspective into the Sudan conflict. Stories of miraculous intervention! "Armies of shining men made the enemy drop their weapons and jump out of their tanks, running the o...