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Transhumanism – The Arms Race

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http://www.transhumanism.tv There is an arms race for the super soldier, the US, Russia, UK, China... All the worlds superpowers are trying to invent the most evolved human. This is an excerpt from the film TRANSHUMANISM: Recreating Humanity, and will certainly shock you. This is happening today, and there is nothing that we can do to stop it, so what choices do we have? This film brings in experts from many different fields and gives a summary of what is happening, and how we can react. Powerful, insightful and informative.

Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity

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BUY THE DVD Since before the Pharaohs, man has tried to become like gods. Transhumanism has taken this idea to the next step, with the pursuit of immortality, omniscience, and ultimate power. Technology is paving t...