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8 – Preview of The Antichrist

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Methods of former "would be" anti-christs are compared to the significance of a coming global "NWO" According to Ancient Hebrew prophecy, in the last days mankind will urgently seek the security of a one-world gove...

After The Tribulation

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One World: Globalism, The AntiChrist and Planet Earth

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This prophecy movie is a breath-taking prophetic glimpse into the future. World renowned authors Hal Lindsay, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Marlin Maddoux, and Chuck Missler offer startling insights into the turbulent days in which we live. A political and spiritual conditioning process is now in full swing following such diverse events as the September 11th tragedy and the media hype surrounding the Harry Potter phenomenon. This fast-paced prophecy DVD presents a clear and concise scenario of the earth-shattering events which are about to unfold across our planet. An important and eye-opening warning for this generation.Based on the book "Earth's Two Minute Warning" and includes scenes from the original video of the same title.