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1 – Halloween: Trick or Treat

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Traces the pagan origins and history of Halloween. The Pagan Occult calendar of Druids, Witches, Pagans and Satanists marks Halloween as one of their highest holy days. The occult rituals seen in this video are real a...

1 – The Lost Legend of Enoch

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10 – Latter Day Empire

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Mormonism and its purposes in being the largest business corporation in the western United States.In 1830 Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today, Smith's Mormon Empire boasts a mem...

11 – Joseph Smith’s Temple Of Doom

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Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church believed that he was the anointed recipient of "Divine revelations." Those who follow all his doctrines have the opportunity to become gods and goddesses. The goal of devout ...

12 – Religion Vs. Christianity

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Dramatic footage from around the world highlights this fascinating study of the world's major religions. Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana compare Christianity with other religious philosophies by contrasting their re...

13 – Doorways to Satan

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How music and movies have drawn people into the occult. The dawn of the 21st Century has found much of modern society obsessed with occult mysteries, sadistic violence, and evil. Everything from cartoons and video ...

2 – Invasion of the godmen

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2 – Messages From The Stars

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3 – Gateway To The Galaxy

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3 – Meditation Pathway to Deception

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