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Aids: What you havent been told

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Unmask the myths, cover-ups and political manipulations concerning the world's most deadly killer virus! This shocking documentary, filmed in twelve major cities in the United States and Europe, unmasks the myths, co...

Gay Rights / Special Rights

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In the early 90's homosexuality was only 1% America's population, yet our basic morality, constitutional values, and even our children are under constant attack. This indulgence oriented group was using legislative ap...

Gay Rights / Special Rights – Trailer

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The politics behind the "gay" agenda, This film does not promote slander or hate but brings attention to a controversial topic, regardless of gender, race, age ...or sexual preference. Is it about freedom of choice? O...


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A hard-hitting and dynamic presentation of the one sure-fire method of avoiding AIDS. This video provides clear insight from a medical, Biblical, and emotional perspective and is considered one of the best resources available. A must for teenagers and parents.